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Computer & Laptop AMC

Server Management

Software AMC

We offer affordable amc solution for desktop, laptop, server, printer, ups and scanners. We also provide data center consolidation and we also support Windows Server, Linux Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and VMWare VCenter.

Managed IT Service

Hire us to manage your IT infrastructure at reduced cost, we offer Infrastructure management, Application Maangement, Security Operations and Disaster Recovery.

Office IT Setup

If you are setting up a new office and need suggestions on how to lay networking cables and overall IT Infrastructure design then please contact us

Latest News

June, 2014

Resident Engineer

Hire resident engineer to take care of your IT assets on a regular basis, complete support for Servers and Workstations.

Mar, 2014

System Security & Antivirus

Secure your IT Infrastructure with our expertise, we are security consultants for many organizations, we also offer best antivirus for your system.

December, 2013

Disaster Recovery

Accidents can happen anytime, plan your disaster recovery solutions so that you dont lose your valueable data.


Why hire Computer AMC

Computer AMC offers IT asset management services throughout Delhi, we have over 15 years of experience in managing IT assets, we regularly monitor the hardware and performance to ensure zero downtime, with us you not only cut costs on your IT operations but also assure Peace of Mind.